This camp is about getting us back to the basics of healthy living. The fundamentals of leading a good life. Taking care of yourself physically, as well as emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. It's about coming together and connecting like we do at hunt camp. It's about getting on the court and having fun competing. Youth will develop new skills, new relationships, and a new view on what it means to be healthy and living the good life.‚Äč

A 1-5 day event that teaches the fundamentals of basketball and provides participants with the tools needed to further their skill set and continue to progress after we leave the community. A motivational and educational camp that creates a safe atmosphere to compete in a fun and respectful way. Cultural teaches will be incorporated into the drills through motivational speaking and storytelling. Each evening will be wrapped up with games and activities, live music and an open mic. Freestyle sessions will be encouraged!! 

Shibastik: Basketball Bio - Shibastik is a natural shooter on the land and on the court. 2 time captain for Team Ontario at the North American Indigenous Games, Bronze medal winner with the James Bay Bulls at the 2018 Indigenous Games Masters, 2 years in the OCAA for the Georgian Grizzlies varsity team, 7 years of Olympia Sports Camp, and as captain he led his high school team the Northern Lights Huskies to the regional championships which were hosted for the first time ever in his home community of Moosonee, Ontario.

Shibastik developed his shot as a youth spending hours in his backyard with a tennis ball and a margarine container nailed to a tree. The hoop was connected to the land from the very beginning for Shibastik. In high school he used his shops class to weld together two basketball rims and make a spring-loaded breakaway system. He then drilled and attached t-bars for extra support behind a backboard he cut from plywood. This custom made setup was mounted on his fathers shack in the driveway and provided the space needed to work on his game day after day. Even in -40 degrees celsius weather in 2 feet of snow with ski pants and mitts on!!