~ Painting Workshop / Art Therapy ~

Fight Through the Paint

There are many healthy ways to fight through your pain, and painting is one of them.  Expressing yourself and releasing your emotions through art can be very therapeutic, and is a healthy coping mechanism for stress, anger, and depression. Art can be used to help share the stories that are hard to talk about, or the feelings that can't be explained with words. Conversations are sometimes able to be had through the discussion of the art created, and other times there is healing in the silence of the creation.
Shibastik will work with participants to produce murals and/or individual canvases, providing art instruction on visual elements of composition, acrylic paint application and techniques, as well as sharing stories and teachings. Art can be used as a healing tool, but also a weapon to help you fight off your fear, fight for a cause, or fight through your pain. Those who participate in this workshop will leave with new skills as artists, some of the weight released, and a brightened outlook on life. ‚Äč