* Each presentation is 1 hr 30 mins 

* Sound system provided

​* Able to adapt presentations to specific needs


Through his work as a IRCS (Intensive Rehabilitation in Custody Supervision) Worker at a Secure Custody Youth Detention Centre, Shibastik gained extensive experience working with troubled youth. Shibastik also received a wide variety of training, in everything from grief and loss and cognitive therapy, to building sweat lodges and running sharing circles. This workshop is a product of all of this work and experience.​ Delivering a message of self-empowerment, self-respect, and self-worth, HTHH's Hunt For Healing will bring hope back into the lives of the hopeless. Through education and understanding, we can begin the process of healing.

HTHH Song Production Workshop

(Art Therapy)

"My goal is to inspire Native youth to strive to live with respect and love, to be honest and to seek the truth, to work to gain wisdom and to have the courage to find their way back to their culture. With humility, I remind each and every one that we are all equal in the eyes of the Great Spirit and we have all been blessed with our own gifts. While teaching about the past to explain the present, I hope to ignite a fire of Indigenous pride that will last a life time" ~ Shibastik

There are many healthy ways to fight through your pain, and painting is one of them.  Expressing yourself and releasing your emotions through art can be very therapeutic, and is a healthy coping mechanism for stress, anger, and depression. As a youth, Shibastik would use art to share the stories that were too hard to talk about, or feelings that couldn't be explained with words. An osprey drowning in a modern fishing net while trying to catch a fish was a self portrait, but the viewer didn't need to know that. To most it was a story about the struggle between nature and man. That was ok, the feelings were let out, and the message was good and made you think. Healing happened.

Shibastik will work with participants to provide art instruction on composition, visual elements, acrylic paint application and techniques, as well as share stories and teachings on art as a healing tool and a weapon to help you fight off your fear, fight for a cause, or fight through your pain, no matter how deep the wound. Those who participate in this workshop will leave with new skills as artists, some of the weight released, and a brightened outlook on life. 

The Healing Through Hip Hop Presentations were designed by Shibastik to instil pride, inspire courage, raise awareness, and promote healing. Using live music and original artwork as well as storytelling and motivational speaking, these interactive and entertaining presentations focus on many of the issues Indigenous youth are all too often confronted with. While topics including depression, suicide, addiction, and the inter-generational effects of residential schools are discussed, the importance of healing, regaining our culture and moving forward are the focus.​​ Whether small or large, audiences are captivated by the music, artwork, and storytelling of a Native who grew up on the land and has a deep love for his people and his culture.

Respect, love, courage, wisdom, humility, honesty, and truth.

Fight Through the Paint

​A proud Cree hunter from the James Bay Lowlands, Shibastik was taught many valuable lessons while living off the land, including the value of hard work, the art of patience, and respect for nature. 

For Shibastik, the land has always been a source of strength, a place to heal, and to recenter. Life is all about balance. There must be balance in nature, and there must be balance within. When healing, it is important to focus on the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual sides of one's self. It is all connected, as are we. This workshop battles the epidemics of both diabetes and depression.

Hunt For Healing teaches healthy coping mechanisms for dealing with issues such as depression, anger, and low self-esteem, while at the same time addressing their root causes and connecting the past to the present.

(Music Therapy)

Suicide prevention, life promotion, finding balance.

Hurt People

A discussion of the inter-generatonaleffects of residential schools.

We must never forget that for 150 years our children were stolen and mentally, spiritually, physically and often sexually abused in concentration camps they called residential schools. It is a dark part of our history that still haunts us. Its lingering effects are most evident in the large and disproportionate numbers of our youth in foster care, our incarceration rates, and our missing and murdered women. Our resilience is our strength, proving it's never too late to revive who they tried to kill in us! It is time to end the cycle of pain that began in residential schools.


The Native Class workshop reminds us about our history as Native people, and who we have the power to be today. RESPECT is key and LOVE is the answer! These are just two of the seven sacred teachings that Shibastik will share and discuss.​​​​

​As well as advocating for the protection of the land and waterways, Shibastik encourages youth to feed their inner spirit by learning their history and practicing their traditions.​​ Our culture needs to survive in order for our children to be able to grow into the Native men and women they were meant to become.

Music is medicine. It can be used to heal, but it can also be used to poison. There are many negative influences in mainstream media, including materialism, alcohol and drug abuse, promiscuity, and violence. NISH HOP is about using hip hop to bring the culture back and to share the teachings of our people. This workshop teaches the importance of becoming media literate in order for youth to make educated and positive decisions. Youth who have participated in the Native Class workshop have found self-confidence and a deeper appreciation for what it is to be First Nations.

​Healing Through Hip Hop presents The Art of Nish Hop - This is the original songwriting/production workshop for Indigenous youth. For over a decade and counting, Shibastik has been travelling to First Nations communities with his mobile 'Swamp Creeture Studio' and working with young people to create original songs, while at the same time providing cultural education and therapy. Participants have the opportunity to produce beats, track instruments, write lyrics, compose songs and record and mix vocals, all with Shibastik's guidance. The end product is a completely original song/music video that the participants can be proud to call their own, as well as a brighter view of the future and a clearer understanding of the past.

    Through various jobs, Shibastik has spent the past 20 years using art and music to connect with youth and help them heal, often from wounds they were totally unaware they had. In 2007, after many years of touring Canada with his music, Shibastik began his work in Thunder Bay's Secure Custody Youth Detention Centre, where he would spend three years helping young offenders deal with past trauma and cope with anger issues. This is when Shibastik developed "Healing Through Hip Hop" as a program for those who had an interest in rapping and making beats. This experience, combined with his years working in foster care and in the schools, have equipped Shibastik with the tools necessary to create an environment that is engaging, safe, and encourages positive self-expression. 

The Hurt People workshop focuses specifically on residential schools and the devastating impacts they've had on our lives and in our communities. Many do not associate residential school traumas with current issues affecting their families and/or communities. Even worse, these problems are often generalized as 'just a Native thing.' "We do not have these issues because we are Native," says Shibastik. "We have these issues as a direct result of our historical trauma." Shibastik feels it is extremely important that all Canadians make this connection.

Painting Workshop



Hunt for Healing



Native Class (The 7 Teachings)