Wild Life

Album (2012)

Produced by Shibastik

​1. Just a Song

2. Walk with Me

3. Way Down

4. Hear Me Howl

5. Don't

6. Gangster

7. The Teachings

8. True Brave

9. Let Me Know

10. Good Lookin'

​11. Rapala Shades


  - High Notes (1998)

Produced by P. Vincent

Kimble McComb on drums and bass

- Wild Game (2001)

  feat. Gitchie Cheechoo

  Produced by Rob Faries

  - Time (2001)

​  feat. Gitchie Cheechoo

  Produced by Rob Faries

- Crossed Lines (2004)

Produced by Shibastik

- The Ones (2006)

Produced by Shibastik

Nishnawb Hip Hop vol. 1

Mixtape (2008)

​Produced by Shibastik

​1. Natural Born Hunter

2. Hurt People

3. Burning All Pollution

4. Shibastik The CleeAlias Remix

5. Stomp

6. What They Chose

feat. The Sunsetting Kidd

7. Sun Comes Down

feat. The Sunsetting Kidd

8. Project George

​9 Thunder Cries Remix

​​​​Underground Flow

Album (2016)

Produced by Shibastik

1. Hand Drum

2. Sage In The Studio

feat. Red Cloud

3. Fire and Water

4. Drop feat. Preme & Supaman

5. Landslide

6. Skins feat. LightningCloud

7. Let It Go feat. Silas & BradleyAJ​

8. Dancing With Wolves

9. Sellfish feat. Rellik

​10. Northern Cree

                     Shibastik delivers a performance unlike any other. He grew up a hunter on the rugged James Bay Lowlands and it shows in his stage presence. He does not prey on other emcees as one might expect, his prey is the corporate control of things. His microphone an over-and-under 12 gauge slash 30-30, and he's pulling both triggers every time. His Cree culture is evident in every song, and his ability to stay true to his cause is unparalleled. Shibastik is the underground flowing. 

Wild Game 

Album (2003)

Produced by Jon Garlow

1. Thunder Cries feat. Jasmine

​2. Shibastik the CreeAlias

3. Wild Game II feat. Mahoo

4. Four Shadows

5. Track is a Canvas

6. If You Wanna

​7. Creestyle

8. Track is a Canvas Remix feat. Jon 'Jeex' Garlow


Moose River

Album​ (2007)

​Produced by Shibastik

1. Wavey Intro

2. Moose River

3. J Bay

4. Bury My Heart in Moosonee

5. Brave For Life

6. Down Wind 

7. Bushman
8. Rhyme Anointed 

9. Wildman Gutter

10. Crying Shame

11. Like Prostitutes

12. Boogie Wheels

13. Utter Truth

14. The Dam Deal

15. No Matter What